Dream Job

Today I got hired at the Ottawa Civic Hospital as a Personal Care Assistant. That’s exciting right! I love helping people, it’s my true passion. Someone said to me, ” if you got hired on full-time, that would be a dream job!” Well, in all honesty, a dream job to one, may not be a dream job to another.

There are many different reasons for the term “dream job”. To many, a dream job may be a job that is in a related field that they went to school for. To another person it may mean that job will supply medical benefits, a regular paycheque and steady hours. To me, MY dream job, is organizing!

I am so happy I got the job at the hospital because as a single mom,  it’s not just about me anymore. So to have a steady paycheque sounds very exciting to me! Now, with that being said, I’m also thankful it’s only casual! Casual means that I can still run my business full time, be sure that I can make it to every school play, soccer game, or doctors appointment that he may ever have, and still make a living to support the two of us.

A dream job to me means helping others, but if at the end of the day i’m too exhausted from helping others to enjoy the company of my own son, and to be able to exert my energy into spending time with him too, then no job is ever worth it. At the end of any day that i’ve spent it organizing, I am full of energy, so happy and thankful! I love my job!

At the end of the day, we all need that paycheque, but if you have a “dream”, GO AFTER IT!! Work as hard as you can to achieve that dream and everything will fall into place.

Now it’s my turn to help someone else’ dream come true. Many of my clients say that I help them make their dreams come true everyday; by creating a humble and relaxing place for them to come home to at the end of the day. A customized system to the unique individual, that staying organized has never been easier. To some, simply being able to spend less time organizing and cleaning, means more time spent doing things they love, and that’s what life is all about. Let me help you make those changes in your life! Like I say, home isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling..



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