Organizing vs. Tidying

Organizing vs. Tidying

Do you find yourself ‘organizing’ and turn around and have it messy again? If this is the case, then you’re not organizing, you’re simply tidying. There’s a difference!

When you organize, you MUST touch every item in that area. Sounds weird, does it not? But it’s the truth. When we tidy, we simply put things away. When we organize, we determine what’s to keep and what’s to go, and once we’ve decided that, we find a place for the remaining items. If we don’t open every drawer, closet, box, then we’re simply doing a half-fast-job, and we all know where those lead to!

Let’s throw an example out there:

Sally has been “organizing” her closet for months now and is frustrated that it never stays tidy. Sally KNOWS there are clothes in there that doesn’t fit or she doesn’t like/wear, but hasn’t taken the time to go through the clothes. So, when trying to decide what to wear, Sally will try stuff on and throw it in her closet if she decides not to wear it. Funny thing is, Sally seems to keep throwing the same clothes into the “no” pile each time and her closet becomes a mess again. So, the next day Sally decides to tidy up again and hang those clothes back up in her closet.

 Solution for Sally… get rid of those clothes you no longer like or wear. “Getting rid” does not mean disposing in the garbage!!! DONATE unwanted items! It’ll give you a sense of satisfaction and also a better reason for letting go, knowing someone else is benefitting from your unwanted clothing/STUFF!

When we simplify our clothes with stuff we like and wear, we feel less overwhelmed when trying to decide on an outfit to wear and we also have less clothes to sort through, thus, saving time! It’s never about quantity, it’s about quality. Lets be realistic here, most of us stick to the same outfits every week because we like what we like and we wear what feels right.  We know what we wear when we’re feeling “fat” or “lazy” or that same go-to-outfit we wear when going on a date with a new guy we met off of plenty of fishies.

So, what I’m trying to say is, the difference between tidying and organizing is that when we organize we ‘ve finally come to the realization that were never going to fit into those size 2 pants anymore, that blender is never going to get used, and that China I don’t even like so why is it occupying an entire wall in my kitchen! When we organize, we purge. We let go of stuff we’ve been holding on to for the sole purpose of holding on to it. When we tidy, we shove things into places that don’t actually have a place.

PURGE! Declutter already! Create that place for everything you own. When there’s a place, it becomes much easier to tidy!

So are you Sally? Are there things you’re holding on to that you KNOW you’ll never use, wear, or look at again? And if so, is it making it more difficult to keep your space tidy and organized? If so, then make changes!


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