Before & After

Total Room Transformations!



Master Bedroom Closet

“Cassandra, thank you so much! I did realize I was holding onto so much stuff that I actually no longer needed.” Katy, GATINEAU.


“I am so thankful that you helped me clean my room. Not only did you help me get rid of all the clutter, you helped me create a system so that I won’t get disorganized again! Thank you so much Cassandra.”  Alaina, OTTAWA.

Kitchen Pantry


“Thank you so much Cassandra. I can finally open my pantry and not have food fall out at me!”- Barbara, OTTAWA.


“Thank you so much, I LOVE my bathroom! I can find anything!”- Crystal, KANATA.

Photo Gallery


“My daughter is going to be shocked!” KANATA


“Now I can open the door and locate any item i’m looking for, in seconds!” Joanne, OTTAWA.


“OMG CASS! What a difference a single shelf can make! And a subtle place to put our garbage. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” KANATA.


“WOW. This is incredible!” OTTAWA.

IMG_5646“I didn’t even think about putting my spices in the lazy suzan! Thank you SO much Cassandra. You’re amazing.” Deborah, STITSVILLE.

“It took me a long time to ask for help but am I ever thankful to have found you. Thank you so much for helping me through this. I couldn’t have done it without you!”           Stella, STITSVILLE.

” I cannot believe it! OMG. I haven’t seen the top of this counter in 10 years. THANK  YOU.. Thank you.” Nat, EMBRUN.

“Not only is it organized, but its categorized too! Now I can open my cupboard and find anything i’m looking for. If it’s not there, i’m not searching all over the kitchen– I simply know theres none left! Sharon, ORLEANS.

“I save SO much time in the mornings now when i’m putting my make-up on! I didn’t realize simple organization would save me this much time!” Carly, OTTAWA.

 You too can have your very own transformation. Book an appointment today!




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