Downsizing & Packing Services

Moving? Tired of lugging the same stuff from house-to-house, even though you don’t need or want it anymore?

Consider decluttering BEFORE moving!

I help prepare homes to sell by removing all clutter from your home whether it is to be packed up, donated, or thrown out. This is different from home staging.

– I’ll help you pack up all the items in areas that may deflect from a possible buyer. Such items like pictures on the mantle, post cards on the fridge, and the 20 pairs of shoes you may have sitting in your closet.

– Helping you free up the space in your home will give a potential buyer a better feeling for moving in. It can be hard for an individual, who wants to buy a home, to see family photos consume the walls. They should be able to visualise what the home would look like with their own furniture & pictures.