The Process to Getting Organized

I can help you regain control of your space by decluttering, organizing, and implementing a plan to keep your space feeling new again!

Step 1: Contact me to book a free 20-minute consultation via e-mail or phone. This call will help me establish a clear understanding of what you are looking for, as well as give you an overview of what I offer, helping you to achieve your goals.

Step 2: Book an appointment!

Step 3: First session: 2-6 hours.

I will visit your home for an initial assessment. This is a brief discussion which will include a client evaluation, and getting to know you better. Following, we will take a tour of your home together to get an idea of the space we will be working with, as well as discuss which areas are working, and which areas need some work.

Step 4: Once we have gone over all the basics, I will give you my feedback!

  • Areas in your home that I feel need work
  • Systems that I can put in place to help with keeping organized
  • How long the process will take, and what it entails
  • Tips on how to stay organized!

The ultimate goal is to allow you to love your space again. I want to help you re-create your safe haven. Creating a space you love is one of the utmost important things in our lives, yet it can be so challenging. I will help you decide between things you love and things that no longer serve a purpose. By ridding your home of the clutter, of things that no longer have value, allows us to create a more dynamic environment.

Step 5: GET TO WORK!