Virtual Organizing

Do you want to get organized but you don’t have enough time for me to come help you inside your home? Or do you live outside of Ottawa and surrounding areas?

Now I offer virtual organizing. Yes! Online!

How does it work?

I get as much feedback as possible from my client (you) and create a personalized organization plan that suits your specific needs! Everyone is unique in their own way, so not one organizing solution will work for everyone.

Listed below if an example of a personalized system I made for a client!

Personalized organization plan
Changes made to photos of clients home to help visualize the upcoming changes!


Options 1:

If you live in Ottawa or surrounding areas, and you want to get organized yourself, but you need a boost and some guidance, I can offer you:

  • an in house consultation and home-tour
  • your very own personalized how-to-get-organized guide
  • a maintenance plan
  • hands-on coaching and help when needed!

The great thing about doing this is when I come into your home, I give you tips and advice on how to get organized right then and there. Example: If you couch is taking up too much space, I will provide options to maximize the space of your living room.

After the in-home tour, I will write up a detailed plan for you to follow in the coming weeks to get organized. I can also come as often as needed to help move furniture, paint, organize, declutter, etc. The great part about virtual organizing is I’m available to help at the touch of a button! Additionally, I make sure you’re staying on track  by checking in periodically and coming into your home to be sure the system I created for you, works for you and your family! Trial and error!

Option 2:

If you live out of Ottawa or surrounding areas, don’t let that discourage you!
Do you have a webcam, smartphone, Skype, or even a regular old telephone or e-mail?

As long as there is a way for me to get a generalized idea of the space you’re needing organized, than I can help!  

Example: If you have a smart phone (iPhone, etc.)-

  • Smartphones, using FaceTime, can allow us to talk face-to-face without physically being in the same room together! Through this device, I can virtually take a tour of your home, doing the exact same process as I listed above! Taking a tour of your home virtually, I can give you tips and advice on how to get organized, as well as create a personalized organization plan

Don’t have a smartphone?

Try and send as many pictures as you can! As well as describe your space with the greatest detail; that will allow me to have a sense of the space we’ll be working with!  For example:

“Cassandra, I want help with my bedside table. I can never find anything when I wake up in the middle of the night, as there are important things I need access to when I wake up. Please help me put together a system so I can wake up at ease! In my drawer I have the following:

  • 5 pens
  • 2 novels (half read)
  • 1 pair of reading glasses
  • A large bottle of advil
  • etc. etc.”

Why wait? Get organized TODAY!